5th Grade Hero Saves Classmate’s Life After She Started Choking During Lunch


March 15, 2018

All photos via: WTVR

Last month, fifth grader Benjamin Ford of Greenwood Elementary School proved that heroes come in all sizes when he saved his fellow classmate’s life after she began to choke during lunch.  

The moment he saw his classmate’s face turn blue while grasping for air, Benjamin immediately sprang into action. He told CBS 6 reporter Shelby Brown, “I wasn’t really calm, my heart was racing, I just knew I had to help her.” 


Little did he know, that the information he learned from a documentary that he watched with his mother a few years ago, would help him ultimately save a life. As reported by CBS 6, Benjamin said: “I felt like I had to hurry up and get to her…I thought in a couple more seconds she might not make it.”

When Benjamin told his parents the news, they first thought he was referring to saving a person’s life on a video game. “Then we found out it was a real person we were shocked… that was awesome,” Benjamin’s mother said.


For his heroic act, Benjamin was recognized by the school’s administrators and his parents gifted him with a video game and tickets to see “Black Panther” the very next day. We’re pretty sure Benjamin walked out of the movie theater feeling even more like a superhero. 

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