94-Year-Old South Carolina Crossing Guard Has Been Keeping Students Safe For 25 Years


March 11, 2021

She’s not slowing down anytime soon!

A 94-year-old South Carolina crossing guard has kept students safe for 25 years, ABC News 4 reports.


Ms. Estella Williams is a resident of Anderson, South Carolina, and happens to be the oldest crossing guard in the state and one of the oldest in the entire country. It all started more than two decades ago for the mother of 18, when her son-in-law, a former policeman, asked her if she would help him direct traffic for a few days. Twenty-five years later, she’s still there at the center lane right outside of Westside High School. 

“It’s good. I enjoy doing it… In the middle, I let them out. And I stop this traffic – I stop this. And let the school traffic out. It’s simple,” Williams told reporters. 


After nearly a century living, Williams has no plans of slowing down and enjoys her work immensely. She said her favorite part is the students she helps and the everyday people. 

“Oh yeah, oh yeah. See, I don’t let nobody stay too long. See, I try to keep it going… Yeah, I keep the kids safe. And the people,” Williams said. 


Every day, people can catch her in the center lane, decked out in her crossing guard’s uniform, hat, glasses, and stop sign in tow, where she plans to stay for at least a little while longer. 

“Maybe I’ll give it another year or so. Just treat everybody right; that’s my motto,” she said. 

Thank you for your service, Ms. Williams. Bless you. 


Photo Courtesy of Independent Mail

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