Atlanta Man Turns Large Trash Cans Into Mobile Hygiene Closets To Provide Students With Essential Products


December 2, 2020

A real humanitarian!

An Atlanta man started the “Clean Cargo Project” to provide students with essential hygiene products, The Root reports.

Johari Dozier is the creator of the “Clean Cargo Project,” an initiative aimed at providing students with basic hygiene items. Dozier started the project two years ago after learning from his cousin that there were students in Fulton County schools in need. Since then, Dozier has been converting large trash cans into mobile hygiene closets, filling them up with donated items including toothbrushes, deodorant and feminine supplies and delivering them to schools across the city. 


His latest effort is a partnership between him and Sublime Doughnuts with Dozier living out of the doughnut shop to assist with fundraising day and night. The pair has a fundraising goal of 16 cans, with the hopes of delivering them to the 16 learning pods established throughout Atlanta. The pods also provide access to laptops and Wi-Fi for students. Currently, Dozier is only three cans away from reaching his goal. 



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“We service Title 1 elementary schools, which is 40 percent below the poverty level. We just want to make sure they have everything they need. I had six trash cans that were already filled and ready to go. I knew I needed 10 trash cans to finish what I’m doing with the City of Atlanta’s learning pods. I kind of pitched it to the owner and he said, ‘You’re crazy, but let’s do it’ and I said, ‘Yes, I’m not leaving until all 10 trash cans are full,” Dozier said. 


Dozier said it’s not just hygiene his project is addressing, these items also help students to feel more confident going to school, and prevent things like bullying, helping them to focus on what matters most – learning. 

Sublime Doughnuts and Dozier are encouraging people to donate whatever they can to the project, especially as the holiday season approaches. 

To donate to the “Clean Cargo Project,” click here.


Thanks for all you’re doing, Johari!

Photo Courtesy of 11 Alive/The Root

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