Representation Matters: Megan Piphus and the Joy of Wash Day on Sesame Street


June 29, 2023

In a world where representation will always matter, the impact of diverse media cannot be underestimated. One such inspiring example is Megan Piphus, a talented ventriloquist, who made history as  the first Black woman puppeteer on Sesame Street.

Piphus recently posted the behind-the-scenes of a heartwarming episode of Sesame Street, showcasing the joy of wash day for her Black character, Gabrielle. This delightful episode not only brought smiles to parents and their children’s faces but also made her own household happy.


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Piphus shared a recording of her filming the scene, which happened to be a special day on set for many of the production team as the episode centered around the tradition of wash day, a routine many Black households can relate to. With Gabrielle’s mom’s melodic singing voice she took us through the process of maintaining our curly crowns. Megan set the stage for a memorable experience, bringing together the magic of puppetry and the celebration of diverse culture. 

When the episode aired, the impact was immediate and buzz across social media was immediate.


Piphus also included a clip of her children watching the episode where she tells them, “they use conditioner like you boys,” with her oldest son replying, “like me?”

Yes, like you!

Photo: Sesame Workshop/Zach Hyman

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