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Couple With Rare Double Pregnancy Gives Birth To Adorable, Healthy Triplets

Couple With Rare Double Pregnancy Gives Birth To Adorable, Healthy Triplets

Three's company!

Last September, we reported on a family expecting a rare double pregnancy. Antonio Livingston and Dee Michelle were not planning to have children last year, but ended up expecting triplets!

“Last year, my doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to have kids and would need surgery,” Dee wrote. “But God said otherwise and gave us three healthy babies along with a completely healthy mother!"

On Jan. 18, after 225 days of being pregnant, Dee gave birth to three baby girls, Amani, Amber, and Dream.

On Instagram, Dee wrote about her joy, "I birthed 3 perfect babies at 32 weeks, 1 day gestation. I am beyond for a smooth delivery and most importantly, healthy babies. Everything that I went through during my pregnancy was so worth it when I look at my babies! Amani and Amber are identical (even though these pictures don’t look like it) and Dream is fraternal."

After spending time in the NICU the babies are on their way home and their parents are excited and thankful for all who supported them. 

"This has been a long and difficult journey, but we are so happy that it’s over," Dee wrote. "Thank you to everyone who has supported us and encouraged us during this time!"

 The cuteness is amplified by three and we're so happy for this family and their three bundles of Black girl magic!

Now the babies are finally home from the NICU, safe and sound.

Congratulations to @deeandtplusthree on your triple servings of Black girl magic!⁠⁠

You can follow the new parents on their journey on YouTube.

Photo Credit: @deeandtplusthree