D.C. Chef Creates Vegan Cookbook For Children Inspired By His Daughter


January 15, 2021

This is so adorable!

A Washington, D.C. chef recently created a vegan cookbook for children inspired by his daughter, Black Enterprise reports.


Chef Anthony Thomas is a private chef based in Washington, D.C. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, forcing the globe into quarantine, Thomas found himself spending more time than ever at home. While challenging, the time allowed him to bond with his daughter Ashlyn. His trips to the grocery store with her eventually inspired him to create a healthy cookbook for kids. 

“She lights up when we are in the grocery store. I can recall spending a whole morning in the grocery store, literally explaining every fruit and vegetable to her. I thought to myself, I’m sure many parents find themselves explaining the entire grocery store to their child, so what better way to do it than having a book that touches on everything,” Thomas told Black Enterprise. 


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That’s when Thomas got the idea to create “The Little Vegan,” a cookbook for kids with a collection of simple recipes to make during quarantine. Thomas has been vegan for a while, and he thought the quick and easy meals could help others develop healthier eating habits while at home.

“I studied different foods and recipes. When I hear customers say they want to change their eating habits but refuse to, the options are disappointing. Some of the best dishes I have created have been vegan, and I wanted to share that experience with anyone thinking of changing their diet or are loyal to the vegan lifestyle,” Thomas told reporters.


“The Little Vegan” cookbook is available for purchase here!

Congratulations, Chef Anthony!

Photo Courtesy of Chef Anthony Thomas


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