Daughter Surprises Mom She Hasn’t Seen In Two Years Due To Lockdown In New Heartwarming Viral Video


November 19, 2021

Reunited and it feels so good!

A daughter surprised her mom who she hadn’t seen in two years due to the pandemic in a new heartwarming viral video, EurWeb.com reports. 

A new viral video is surfing the web, this time of a Philadelphia woman surprising her mother who she hadn’t seen in two years due to the pandemic. The daughter, Erica, decided to travel from Philly to Georgia to surprise her mom on her birthday. The two had not seen each other in two years as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 


Erica begins the recording as she’s walking up behind her mother who is busy unloading groceries from the car. 

“Hey mom, can you pass me a bag?,” Erica asks. 

“Yep,” her mother replies, as she continues with the bags, back turned and blissfully unaware of what’s going on. 


“Can you pass me a bag,” Erica repeats. 

That’s when her mother turns around, so shocked to see her daughter that she screams multiple times and falls back into the car. Now wedged  between the back door frame and leaning against the driver seat, her mom begins to sob as the reality of laying eyes on her daughter sinks in. 

Of course, the entire internet started getting choked up right along with her. Check out the viral moment below.


Blessings to you both!

Photo Courtesy of The Today Show


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