DJ Vashtie Shares Inspiring Video of Her Spinning Until the Very End of Her Pregnancy


June 6, 2024

Vashtie Kola, a multi-talented artist, DJ, and now mother of two, isn’t letting pregnancy slow her down! Vashtie recently revealed that she continued to DJ right up to her due date, with the full support of her medical team.

“I got booked to DJ nonstop in the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy including on my actual due date!!” Vashtie shared on Instagram. Thankfully, babies rarely arrive precisely on their due date, and even if labor had started during a set, Vashtie assures us it wouldn’t have been instantaneous.

Vashtie’s unwavering dedication to her artistry is truly inspiring. Her clients, deeply moved by her commitment, went above and beyond to ensure her comfort, offering her a chair during her sets. Throughout her pregnancy, Vashtie felt great and found joy in her work, a testament to her passion. Her doctor and midwife, fully supportive, approved her continued activity, with Vashtie doubling down on her commitment to maternal health and craft.


“It was approved…even though I was exhausted at night!,” she wrote.

One of the original “It Girls,” Vashtie shared clips of the supermom feat, showing countless videos of her with a full belly out behind her mixers before ending with a clip of her and her newborn, who arrived just days after Mama finished up her work. 

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The heartwarming story of a passionate artist balancing motherhood and career has already racked up tens of thousands of likes. Okayplayer also shared the video, saluting the Trinidadian DJ for her dedication.  

Congratulations, Vashtie, on your new arrival. Here’s to many more years of spinning tracks and setting trends!!

Cover photo: DJ Vashtie Shares Inspiring Video of Her Spinning Until the Very End of Her Pregnancy/Photo Credit: @Vashtie/Instagram 


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