Famous Author Named After Mom’s Childhood Best Friend, Reunites Them After 50 Years Apart


June 12, 2023

The bonds of Black womanhood!

Angie Thomas is a producer, activist and New York Times bestselling author, most known for her debut novel turned blockbuster film, “The Hate U Give.” Recently the beloved author took to her Twitter account to tell a different type of story, one much more personal to her upbringing that collectively warmed all of our hearts. 

“After my mom’s childhood best friend left Mississippi as a kid, they lost touch. Mom named me after her and hoped that one day she would find her & reconnect,” Thomas began the tweet. 


“Today, I found Angela’s number & called. She’s been searching for my mom too. We’re surprising Mom later on Facetime,” she continued. 

Famous author named after mom’s childhood best friend, reunites the old pals after 50 years apart/Author Angie Thomas/Photo Courtesy of AngieThomas.com

If the beginning wasn’t enough to get the Hallmark channel to cut the check on this story of Black friendship, it only got better. Apparently, the long-lost friend had some errands to run, holding up the surprise Facetime call and forcing Thomas to hold in this burning secret as she waited to orchestrate the reunion. 

“I have to keep this a secret for the next hour or two and IT IS KILLING ME,” wrote Thomas. 


Then the long-awaited moment occurred, Thomas’ mother seated at the kitchen island in front of the computer. When her childhood friend Angela joined the call, she gasped before closing her eyes in shock and giddily jumping in her seat for joy. In a touching moment, she stretched out her arms before the screen to give an air hug to her old friend pictured on the screen.  

“My mom just turned into a little girl again and my heart is full,” Thomas captioned a video of the moment. 

She continued to give updates as time went on, saying the two talked for more than 4 hours, never missing a beat in their friendship despite the fact that five decades had passed. 


“They’ve been talking for hours and it’s like only a day has passed instead of 50 years. There is already talk of meeting in person even though they live on the opposite sides of the country,” Thomas explained. 

Angela was shocked to learn that Thomas was named after her, a testament to the sisterhood she’d created with her childhood friend in Mississippi so long ago. She was also familiar with Thomas’ work, the cherry on top of an already beautiful moment. After such a successful first reunion, Thomas said her mom was on cloud 9, requesting one more favor from her caring and successful daughter. 

“My mom is still grinning this morning. Now she wants me to find her college sweetheart. Lord help me,” Thomas told her followers. 


We ain’t mad at momma! It seems Thomas is better than Facebook at reuniting old friends. What a joyous moment we were all so blessed to enjoy. See, sometimes social media isn’t so bad. Thanks for sharing Angie!

Check out the heartwarming moment below!





Cover photo: Famous author named after mom’s childhood best friend, reunites the old pals after 50 years apart/Photo Courtesy of Angie Thomas/Twitter

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