Florida Teen Saves Best Friend’s Life Following A Car Crash One Day After Completing CPR Training


March 26, 2021

God’s plan.

A Florida teen saved her best friend’s life just one day after completing CPR training, the Good News Network reports. 


Torri’ell Norwood had just completed her CPR training at Lakewood High School’s Athletic Lifestyle Management Academy; a day later, she was forced to put her skills to the test. The 16-year-old was driving her car along with three friends as passengers when they were T-boned by a speeding driver. The impact threw the vehicle across someone’s lawn before crashing into a tree. 

Photo Courtesy of Torri’ell Norwood


The crash crushed Norwood’s door, causing her to climb through her window to get out. Thankfully, two of her passengers were also unharmed and were able to exit the vehicle. However the three realized that Norwood’s best friend, A’zarria Simmons, was not with them. 

“When I turned around, I didn’t see A’zarria running with us. So, I had to run back to the car as fast as I can. She was just sitting there unresponsive,” Norwood told reporters.

Simmons had hit her head on the rear passenger window during impact, causing life-threatening injuries. After Norwood pulled Simmons from the car, she realized she couldn’t detect a pulse and began performing the CPR techniques she just learned. Thirty compressions and two rescue breaths later, Simmons regained consciousness. Paramedics arrived shortly after and rushed her to the nearest hospital. 


Erika Miller, Norwood’s CPR instructor, said she is so proud of her student’s quick action, noting that many students don’t have reason to use their skills unless they become a nurse or EMT. 

“…Not while they were still a student of mine or definitely not within 24 hours. This is what every teacher dreams of; you know that somebody listens, pays attention, learns something,” Miller said.

While Simmons doesn’t remember much of the accident, she does remember that it was her best friend who used her new skills to save her life. 


Simmons and Norwood already shared a special bond, being friends since middle school. 

“We’ve been friends since seventh grade,” Simmons told reporters. “And since then, it just been us.”

Simmons said she wasn’t surprised that her best friend stopped everything to rush to her aid, it’s what Norwood would do for anyone.


“She will always help any way she can, to help anybody,” Simmons said. “Even if it wasn’t me, if was someone else and she knew she could do something to help, she would do it. So I wasn’t really shocked about that.

The two both plan to pursue medical careers in the future.

“I do want to be a nurse,” Norwood said with excitement. “I know that if somebody was in need of help, I’d go to the rescue.”


Good for you, Torri’ell! We are all proud of you!

A’zarria Simmons (left) and Torri’ell Norwood (right). Photo Courtesy of Torri’ell Norwood

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