Grandmother And Grandson Win Big On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ After Solving Challenging Puzzle


May 30, 2023

They took home more than $50,000!

We know we weren’t the only ones who sat with our grandparents in the evenings watching Price Is Right, Wheel of Fortune, and other game shows hoping that one day it would be us! Well this Mississippi grandmother-grandson duo just made all of our childhood dreams come true. Earlier this month, Retta Alexander and her grandson Julian Hernandez appeared on an episode of Wheel of Fortune for its “Grand Getaways Week,” featuring intergenerational players, Blavity reports. 

The two shined on the show, defeating the competition to make it to the “Bonus Round.” With only 10 seconds on the clock to solve a puzzle in the “Place” category, hosts revealed the two-word phrase Alexander and Hernandez would have to solve, “_ANC_  _ _ _ T _ _ _ E.”


A hard puzzle even for the most expert of game show enthusiasts, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak did his best to encourage the pair.

“Well, there’s two of you. Feed off each other. It’s a place. You have 10 seconds. Talk it out, good luck,” said Sajak. 

Nearly as soon as the timer began, Alexander shouted out the correct answer,  “Fancy boutique,” she said very matter of factly. 



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The hosts, audience and Alexander’s grandson were all equally shocked, Hernandez throwing up his hands to celebrate the win. The two embraced and when Sajak revealed they had also won an extra $40,000 for the hard solve, the grandmother and grandson hugged again, looking at each other in disbelief. 

“Nice going, guys, congratulations. That was a good solve,” said Sajak. 

Viewers took to social media to congratulate the team on their success, many also commenting how impressed they were with Alexander’s ability to solve the puzzle so quickly. 


“That was a great solve. So amazing. I didn’t have a clue,” wrote one user. 

“I couldn’t believe she got this! Such a sweet grandma and grandson!!,” another added. 

For their prize, Alexander and Hernandez took home a whopping $56,950. Incredible! Congratulations family!


Cover photo: Grandmother & her grandson win big on “Wheel of Fortune” after solving challenging puzzle/Photo Courtesy of WLOX-TV/Facebook

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