This Heartwarming Video Went Viral After Son Commissions Portrait of His Late Grandfather To Celebrate His Father’s Birthday


December 8, 2020

Somebody is cutting onions.

A heartwarming video of a son presenting his father with a commissioned portrait of his late grandfather recently went viral.

Ilbert Sanchez wanted to surprise his father with a special gift for his upcoming 53rd birthday. The gift, a commissioned portrait of his late grandfather Sixto Sanchez, was the perfect way to honor both men responsible for his existence. In the video, Ilbert’s father Enrique can be shown excitedly unwrapping the gift, layer by layer. Upon reveal, he begins crying uncontrollably, wrapping Ilbert in a warm embrace. 


“We lost my grandfather (his pops) almost a decade ago. He always pictured bringing him to America and just having him around in the house. This time around, for his birthday, I decided to commission a special type of raw talented artist…for this project that would capture the aura and exact details of my grandfather,” Ilbert captioned the video on social media.


The video has since been viewed some 76,000 times, going viral. The artist, Shae, also shared details of the painting on her social media.  


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Shae (@shae_love_art)


 “The Sanchez men in my family carry such a deep legacy, and my grandfather is a big part of that. Now he is with us here in the house. Happy Bday pops!! I love you,” Ilbert added.

We are sending warm regards to you and your family, Ilbert!


Photo Courtesy of @ijaysanchez/Instagram

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