High School Grad Pays Homage to Beyoncé in Morehouse College Announcement


June 18, 2024

This is how you graduate in style!🎓🙌🏾

Jay’Shun Matthews, a high school senior from Reynolds, Georgia, channeled Beyoncé’s recent album ‘Cowboy Carter’ to announce his next chapter at Morehouse College, where he’ll pursue a degree in Business Administration. “Though this is a homage to Bey, I infused my own creativity into this image, symbolizing a few things about how I personally view Morehouse, interpret it as you wish,” @j4yshun shared to Instagram.

His graduation photos, some of the most creative we’ve seen, even swapped Beyoncé’s sash with one that reads “Man of Morehouse.” Dressed in Morehouse’s maroon and white, with a school flag, Matthews recreated the Texas native’s recent album cover. Beyoncé would be proud!


Matthews, in his caption, shared his decision to attend Morehouse College, highlighting pandemic-related setbacks in 10th grade that initially caused him to doubt his readiness for college. He expressed gratitude for Morehouse’s belief in his potential and its legacy of nurturing Black male excellence. “Morehouse’s belief in my abilities and its commitment to developing the RAREST of leaders—those who serve their communities—has given me the opportunity to reach my full potential. I am honored and excited to join a community that has placed its faith in me.”

Congrats Jay’Shun! Wishing you an amazing journey at Morehouse!🎓❤️ Where are all of our AUC grads at?


Cover photo: High School Grad Pays Homage to Beyoncé in Morehouse College Announcement / Photo Credit: Jay’Shun M.

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