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ICU Patient Was Surprised By Her Husband With Vow Renewal Ceremony For Their 20th Anniversary

ICU Patient Was Surprised By Her Husband With Vow Renewal Ceremony For Their 20th Anniversary

Somebody is cutting onions!

A Chicago intensive care unit (ICU) patient was surprised by her husband with a vow renewal ceremony at the hospital, The Grio reports.  57-year-old Collette Hurd has been hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago since May. She was admitted to the hospital to await a double-lung transplant.  In 2020, Hurd was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, a rare type of high blood pressure that impacts the arteries in the lungs and heart. Since then, the disease has progressed, and in July, she was told she would also need a kidney transplant. She's been on the waiting list since then. 

Despite her health condition, the ICU staff members have had nothing but good things to say about Hurd. 

"Collette is a wonderful human. [She] knows when you're having a rough day. She said to me, whenever she goes for a walk, she walks past patient rooms and prays for each one of them. She also prays for the nurses and rehab staff. Having Collette in the ICU is such a bright light, and she rubs off on everyone she meets. She renews your hope, helps you continue with your day, and reminds you why you got into healthcare in the first palace," Kari Brouwer, an ICU staff member, said. 

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Carey McGarvey, another hospital staff member, echoed those sentiments, saying.

"Even in an ICU setting, every day, Collette wakes up with a smile on her face. Colette is genuine, truly cares, and gives you a nice 'hanging out with a friend' kind of feeling."

Recently, Hurd's husband conspired with the hospital nursing staff to help surprise her with a 20th wedding anniversary gift. To celebrate the momentous occasion, the team helped set up a vow renewal ceremony in the chapel. Staff helped dress Hurd in a white robe emblazoned with the word "BRIDE" across the back. They also placed blue butterfly stickers on her shoes to make sure she had "something blue." After the ceremony's completion, Hurd and her husband celebrated with a toast of sparkling grape juice. 

Photo Courtesy of People Magazine

Megan Burwell, Hurd's physical therapist, said she was more than happy to help. Not only does she feel like Hurd deserved it, but it was a bright spot for the couple who's been dealing with all of this in the middle of a whole global pandemic. 

"A lot of these patients don't have visitors or family, so we're all they have as far as physical contact and support. It's been rewarding but also sad. These are parents, brothers, sisters. All we can do is be there for them as best as we can. Collette is a shining light - she loves butterflies, so in my mind, she's my butterfly. That's not to say there aren't hard days because she's been here for quite some time, but she remains so positive - even after a bad day. Her personality and heart are contagious," said Burwell. 

We are sending you all the love and prayers for healing and total recovery, Collette. Because of you, we can!

Photo Courtesy of People Magazine