Meet Noah Jacob, the Model Inspiring Other Young Children With Disabilities


November 1, 2023

He’s making sure all children are represented!

Noah Jacob is well known on his corner of the internet, referred to as Super Noah online. A miracle baby, Noah’s mom Yami Johnson documented his life since he was in the womb. Noah is Johnson’s fourth child. And while she was pregnant with him, she received the news that Noah was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. It left Johnson and Noah’s father with a decision to make, with many encouraging her to terminate the pregnancy. But Johnson declined.

When Noah was born, she was affirmed in her decision. And while there were multiple health challenges for little Noah, he has grown to thrive despite his medical condition. 

Now five years later, young Noah is a budding model, inking a contract with the kids division of New York Models agency. The young star recently appeared in a Target ad that has been making its rounds in stores. And many of Johnson’s followers flocked to her DMs to share how proud they were of her son. Not only did they snap photos of the ad, but others offered congratulatory messages for the mother-son duo. One mom even snapped a picture of her daughter who is also diagnosed with Down Syndrome, showing just how inspiring Noah has become for other young children with disabilities


Johnson took to social media to share a heartwarming message to all of her followers and thank them for their generous support. 

“OMG!!! I just want to thank all the followers nationwide who have posted or shared with me their pictures of Noah’s poster [Target]. I am so humbled and thankful for this opportunity. It’s funny how Noah is getting you to find a reason to shop. I’m also happy that my baby is doing what he loves (smiling for the camera) and showing the world that with love and faith anything is possible,” wrote Johnson. 


She went on to thank New York Models Kids, Noah’s agent, and Stride Rite, who have apparently been consistently booking Noah for the last three years. For Johnson, it was a moment to highlight the importance of representation in companies, and just how transformational it can be for so many. 

“These companies are opening so many doors for our babies, it’s amazing! I hope we can inspire more people to choose love and never give up on their dreams,” she added. 

Noah is a bright light and we wish him the best on all his future endeavors. For now, we’ll be on the lookout for his next ad that, according to Johnson, should be out just in time for Christmas.


Photo by Noah Jacob

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