NCAA Coach Kenny Brooks Sheds Tears as He Talks About the Importance of Women’s Basketball


April 5, 2024

Somebody is cutting onions!

NCAA coach Kenny Brooks got emotional during a press conference as he talked about the importance of women’s basketball. This March Madness, the spotlight has shined on the women’s teams as stars like Angel Reese and coaches like Dawn Staley ignite a new generation of fans set on watching the girls leave their hearts and souls on the court. 

Recently, Virginia Tech set a women’s basketball state record for attendance. In a poignant moment, Brooks shed tears as he spoke with the press about this historic achievement and reflected on his own journey to coaching women’s basketball. He expressed why it’s important and long overdue that these athletes get their much-deserved recognition. 


“I’ve been a women’s basketball fan for a long time. I switched over because I wanted to be a women’s basketball coach—not because I had to, but because I wanted to. And ever since, I’ve been fighting for respectability. For it finally to be recognized for what it should be as a beautiful sport. Kids who work their a**** off, kids who have so much pride in what they do,” said Brooks. 

He wiped away tears, talking about how much it meant to him to see other athletes recognizing the importance of the sport and fans coming out in droves. Brooks mentioned another interview he saw featuring Carmelo Anthony, who spoke highly about the women’s game, calling it one of the “purest in its form” because the girls play the game the right way. 

Women’s basketball has seen tremendous growth this year, and coverage has increased as many flock to the stands to watch them play. Brooks served for 8 years as the head coach at Virginia Tech, WDBJ7 news reports. Now he will head to the University of Kentucky to build their program, but his heart for the women’s sport remains the same. Brooks’s sentiments echo what many other women’s basketball coaches have been saying for years, and it’s a breath of fresh air to see women athletes finally be praised for their work in the same way as their male counterparts. If this season is any indication, support is on the uptick, and we can’t wait to see what these athletes do next. 


Watch Brooks’ heartwarming press conference below. 

Cover photo: Virginia Tech Coach Kenny Brooks Sheds Tears as He Talks About the Importance of Women’s Basketball/Photo Credit: Virginia Tech Athletics/YouTube


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