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NY Man Proposes To Girlfriend In NICU Where Daughter Has Spent The Last 10 Months

NY Man Proposes To Girlfriend In NICU Where Daughter Has Spent The Last 10 Months

Babies bring forth blessings!

A New York man proposes to his girlfriend in NICU where the couple’s daughter has spent the last 10 months, Good Morning America reports.

Teon Kennedy had plans to propose to his girlfriend Martine Drouillard last spring at their baby shower. But at 25 weeks, Drouillard was diagnosed with a severe case of preeclampsia, hospitalized, and doctors had to save Drouillard and their baby’s life by performing an emergency C-section. Their daughter, Morgan, was born April 12, 2020, weighing just 1 pound, 2 ounces. Since then, the 31-year-olds have spent the last 10 months with Morgan in the neonatal intensive care units (NICU) at three different NY hospitals, placing Kennedy’s engagement plans on hold. 

“She was really, really small. She was roughly the [size of the] palm of my hand. Morgan’s case is very unique and very complex. There are a lot of things that they have tried with other babies that are not successful with Morgan, but then there are things that aren’t traditional for NICU babies that have worked [with Morgan],” Drouillard told reporters. 

Baby Morgan has undergone multiple surgeries and more than a dozen blood transfusions already. Despite her delicate situation, only one parent could be there at the NICU except for special circumstances like surgery due to COVID restrictions. As a result, Drouillard has become the primary visitor since she’s able to work from home. The Brooklyn based-school teacher works every day until 3 pm before making an hour-long commute to the hospital to be with Morgan. She returns home around 11 pm before preparing her lesson for the next day and going to sleep to do it all over again. 

On February 12, two days before Valentine’s Day, Kennedy conspired with hospital staff, who’ve become like a second family, to propose to Drouillard finally. The staff informed her they would be having a meeting about Morgan, so Drouillard dressed up. When she walked into the NICU, there was a red carpet rolled out for her, and then there was Kennedy, down on one knee with Morgan dressed in a shirt that read, “Mommy, will you marry daddy?”

Photo Courtesy of New York - Presbyterian Hospital/Teon Kennedy

“When Teon said, ‘Morgan has something to ask you,’ she was asleep until he said that. And then she opened her eyes, like, ‘This is my moment,’” Drouillard said of the special day..

Photo Courtesy of New York - Presbyterian Hospital/Teon Kennedy

Kennedy said he finally decided to propose in the NICU because that’s where Drouillard is always at. “She’s been there every single day for the last 300-plus days. I tip my hat off to her every day.”

The health care workers decorated the NICU, provided food, took photos, and ensured that Drouillard was there. It couldn’t have gone better, said Kennedy. I gave them a little bit of fuel, and they took it to the next level. It was actually one of the best places to do it,” he said.

Photo Courtesy of New York - Presbyterian Hospital/Teon Kennedy

The couple is waiting to set a wedding date until Morgan is discharged and can be a part of their special day. Currently, doctors are working on strengthening Morgan’s lungs before she can leave to go home. Every day, Drouillard recites a mantra to her and shows pictures of herself and her dad without masks so Morgan can see her parents.

“I just tell her, ‘Remember who you are. You’re here for a reason. Mommy is proud of you. Daddy is proud of you. You’re my big girl. You’re my strong girl. It doesn’t matter how you start; it’s how you finish. You’re just having a rough start. You’re going to finish strong. And I tell her that every single day,” said Drouillard. 

“Our main goal is for Morgan to come home because she has to be a part of the wedding. All we need is for her to come,” said Kennedy.

Congratulations, Teon and Martine! We will continue to keep baby Morgan in our prayers! We know she will be home soon. 

Photo Courtesy of New York - Presbyterian Hospital/Teon Kennedy