SC Native Celebrates 103rd Birthday & Reveals Key to Long Life Is Minding Your Business


by Veracity Savant

December 8, 2023

That’s some sage wisdom!

Edward Lawrence, Sr. is a Charleston, South Carolina native who just celebrated his 103rd birthday, WECT news reports. With the CDC reporting that the average life expectancy for Black people is at a new low of 71, this is a feat of enormous proportion and cause for celebration. Lawrence Sr. now joins a growing number of elders who are defying all odds. 

A master plumber and maintenance supervisor for 40 years, Lawrence spent most of his career at the City of Charleston Housing Authority. His hard work could have very well contributed to his long life, as Lawrence worked well into his elder years. When he hung up his 9 to 5, he took over as a plumber for the Shiloh Seventh Day Adventist Church, where Lawrence remained until his retirement at the age of 99. 


As he celebrated surrounded by family and friends, he shared some wisdom he’d gained over the years, revealing that his work ethic isn’t the only thing that’s kept him kicking. 

“You live long if you mind your own business!” Lawrence said. 

It was a key moment of clarity for those who aspire to enter the centenarian years and one we’ll all hold close to our hearts. While his loved ones continued sharing stories and anecdotes about his long life, it was clear that Lawrence planned to be around for a little while longer. 


Today, Lawrence is still driving, cooking, and completing small jobs around the house. At 103, he’s living proof that a body in motion stays in motion. 

Happy Blessed Birthday Mr. Lawrence!

Cover photo: SC Native Celebrates 103rd Birthday & Reveals Key to Long Life Is Minding Your Business/Photo by Live 5 News


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