Tennessee State University Student Turns Dorm Room Into His Own Personal ‘Tiny Desk’


May 8, 2024

Talk about following your dreams!

David Nyenwe is a student at Tennessee State University (TSU) in Nashville. Like many HBCU students, Nyenwe is laser-focused on his academic studies while also using his time in school to carve out a unique career path. However, he’s not just waiting around the career center to make his dreams happen. An aspiring musician, Nyenwe has now transformed his dorm room in Tennessee State’s Boyd Hall into his own personal “Tiny Desk,” a testament to his determination and creativity. 

Since 2023, Nyenwe has been using his time in college to showcase his musical abilities. He performs at school events, uses his time in between classes to create content with his peers, and consistently releases new music online. Simultaneously, Nyenwe is documenting his journey to the top, sharing highlight moments via social media and working with his peers to highlight his work and story.


“Coming to TSU probably was one of the best choices I ever made in my life. I believe it always will be. Coming from where I come from…I was really tied into a small box. TSU really caused me to embrace myself, even if it’s through music…making music, doing shows. TSU has really opened up many doors for me,” Nyenwe says in one of his online videos.

Recently, Nyenwe took inspiration from NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert series and decided to elevate his content. He created his own version of Tiny Desk, transforming his college dorm room into a live performance space for a band. With 6 episodes of his TSU Tiny Desk series already released, Nyenwe is showcasing his talent through cover songs and original music, accompanied by a guitarist, drummer, and keyboardist. 


The videos have received positive feedback from his peers and other online supporters. People are congratulating Nyenwe not only for his ingenuity but also for his skills. A talented artist, Nyenwe also plays the acoustic guitar and he isn’t just recording as a hobby. With TSU situated in the heart of Nashville, one of the top music cities in the nation, it’s clear Nyenwe understands his unique opportunity and is positioning himself to have a great shot at breaking through as an artist. 

Check out his TSU Tiny Desk series below! Keep following your dreams David!

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Cover photo: Tennessee State University Student Turns Dorm Room Into His Own Personal ‘Tiny Desk’/Photo Credit: @_sincerelydavid_/Instagram

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