These Twins Just Celebrated Their 100th Birthday With A Special Socially Distanced Celebration


April 6, 2021

A birthday to remember!

A century ago, twins Evelyn Lowe and Elaine Foster were born on March 31. Last week, their families gathered for a special socially distanced celebration in Bowie, Maryland. 


Foster’s granddaughter, Cheri Kidd, spoke to Fox 5 DC on their behalf and said the birthday celebrants were doing great.

“My grandma said how important it was to eat bacon and eggs every morning, and drinking beer and sangria helps keep you healthy and live longer,” Kidd said.

Living a long life isn’t new to the twins, as their mother lived until she was 103-years-old.


Kidd said she has a large family; between the sisters, there were many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Their home was decked out with balloons and banners along with cupcakes and a drive-by processional. The centenarians also have proclamations given to them by Baltimore and Bowie County.

According to their family, they are self-sufficient and technologically savvy, using iPhones and paying their bills online. And to pass the time they like to play computer games and put puzzles together.

Elaine was in the army, and both worked for the U.S. General Services Administration in Maryland before retiring around the same time.


When the reporter asked Kidd if her grandma’s had any advice on getting to their age, she said. “They do their yearly doctor’s appointments, eat right, and try really hard to stay active. They are very well and capable of taking care of themselves.”

We wish Ms. Evelyn and Ms. Elaine a wonderful birthday with many healthy and happy years ahead!

Photo Credit: Fox 5 DC


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