Tyler Perry Vows to Gift New Home to Family After Passing of 94-Year-Old Josephine Wright


by Veracity Savant

January 9, 2024

Mrs. Josephine Wright can now rest in peace!

94-year-old Josephine Wright was thrust into the spotlight after her family made public the fight for her house. Thirty years ago, Wright and her late husband settled in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. The 1.8-acre property had been in her husband’s family since the Civil War, and after his passing in 1998, Wright acquired the land, taking over the deed in 2012. Last year, developers came and tried to get Wright to sell the land, but when she refused, they launched tactics to force her off the property. 

After publicizing the matter, many celebrities and everyday people came to Wright’s defense, raising money for her legal fight. One person who committed to helping in any way possible was Tyler Perry, who also promised to grant Wright’s wish of getting a brand new home built for her and her family. Perry honored that wish, with the home set to be finished at the end of last year. Now, just a month shy of handing Ms. Wright the keys to her new home, the elder has passed away, leaving behind a fierce legacy of family, love, and activism. 


Perry took to social media to share the news of her passing and a new commitment to Wright’s family. 

“I am so heartbroken to hear about the passing of this warrior. Ms. Josephine Wright, even though we spoke by phone, I was so looking forward to meeting you in person next month to hand you the keys to your new house, but God had other plans. My prayer is that you rest in peace, knowing that I will honor the commitment that I made to you. I know you will be watching over us all as I hand those same keys to your family,” wrote Perry. 

Wright’s case sparked a resurgence in the conversation around land grabs from Black families in the South. Civil rights attorney Bakari Sellers, one of the first to get behind Wright, noted that this is not a new issue, particularly for Black residents in Hilton Head. It’s one that families have had to deal with since the Civil War, noting that Ms. Wright’s decision to fight back against developers is inspiring an entire community around what’s possible. 


“Their land is so valuable. They [developers] have been doing this for years. This is not new,” said Sellers.  

Wright leaves behind a host of family, all of whom will now have the pleasure of enjoying her new home. Perry remarked on her extensive legacy and the incredible fight she fought in her very last season on this planet. 

“Your 4 children, 40 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren, and 4 great-great-grandchildren will still be able to gather at YOUR house on YOUR land and tell the world what kind of fighter that you were. You have run your race and fought an incredible fight! Journey well my dear lady. You have inspired me,” added Perry. 


According to CNN, Wright passed away surrounded by family and friends on January 7th. The family issued a statement posted to their fundraising page. 

“It is with heavy hearts that the Wright Family announces the passing of our beloved matriarch, Mrs. Josephine Wright…Her legacy as a pillar of strength, wisdom, and commitment to justice will forever remain etched in our hearts,” wrote Charise Graves, Wright’s granddaughter. 

Rest in peace, Mrs. Wright. You have done well!


Cover photo: Tyler Perry Vows to Gift New Home to Family After Passing of 94-Year-Old Josephine Wright/Photo by Tyler Perry/Facebook

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