Woman Shaves Hair & Eyebrows In Solidarity With Sister Battling Cancer


March 31, 2020

Yep. We’re crying too!

A young woman shaved her hair in eyebrows in solidarity with her sister who is undergoing cancer treatment.

The video, shared to Instagram by user “Trill Cami,” shows the two sisters side by side as Cami tells viewers that she “shaved her head today for her sister” because she felt ugly as a result of her hair falling out due to cancer. As her sister Gaby continues to cry, Cami begins to shave her eyebrows. 


Gaby turns in astonishment as Cami starts to affirm her while shaving the facial hair, letting her know that “these are meaningless,” reminding the sister that hair doesn’t define her beauty. The two burst into tears as the emotional moment is caught on video, embracing each other while Cami reminds Gaby that they’re in this together.

Cami posted the video captioned, “Can’t say everything that’s been going on has been easy, it’s been hard, it hurts. But this isn’t for any of you or for me, this is for you Gaby. I LOVE YOU with every bone in my body. U fight…& you do it d*** well. Hair does not make you and even bald you still manage to be the prettiest sister..I love you so so so so much boot boot & every battle you go through, I promise to go through it with you [because] that’s what… sisters do.”





The video has since been viewed nearly 2 million times, prompting reactions from several celebrities. Janet Jackson commented saying, “This made me cry. I was actually going to shave my head for the Janet Tour and was going to talk to all the kids to do the same. I love a bald head, especially on a woman. I think it’s beautiful! You and your family are in my prayers. Stay positive. Stay strong. You’re so beautiful.”

Rihanna also chimed in saying, “Wow! We [love] you Gaby,” with Michael B. Jordan adding, “Keep fighting.” 

This is such a beautiful display of sisterhood. We will keep you in our prayers Gaby and S/O to your sister for being in this fight with you!


Photo Courtesy of @trillcami/Instagram

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