Ida B Wells

Pioneering Journalist

July 16,1852 Ida B Wells was born in Mississippi. In her early career, she started teaching and moved to Memphis, Tennessee. In 1884 Ida B Wells bought a first class seat in a train from Memphis to Nashville, but was told she had to move seats. When she refused she was forced off the train. She sued the railroad and won $500. 

In 1891, Wells was fired because she spoke up about the bad conditions in the Black schools. 

She started to cover fight against lynching after a personal friend was lynched. She continued her work investigating white mob violence, and was forced to move to Chicago, Illinois due to anger and harassment from the white community. 


While continuing journalism, she  founded the National Association of Colored Women in 1896 and the NAACP, though she later left the organization. In 1913 Wells founded a suffrage club and later that year an act passed for women to vote in Illinois.

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