March on Washington

Pivotal March in the Civil Rights Movement

The March on Washingston was really called “The March on Washingston for Jobs and Freedom.” The goal was to fight for the rights of African Americans, not just for them to be treated the same as Whites but also for them to have access to the same opportunities. The March happened on August 23, 1963. About 250,000 people attended.

The March took a lot of planning over a long time. A. Philip Randolph had planned a march on Washington in 1941 to fight for Black soldiers being allowed to fight in World War II. It was canceled because the President at that time, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Randolph met and found a resolution. Years later, when John F. Kennedy was president and issues for Blacks still arising, Randolph proposed another March on Washington. 

Martin Luther King Jr was a speaker at the March and Washingston and that is where he gave the famous “I Have a Dream” speech. He was supposed to speak for 4 minutes but spoke for 16. Leaders said that the March helped to get the Civil Rights act passed.

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