Augusta Savage

Sculptor & Harlem Renaissance Figure

Augusta Savage was born in Florida and had a passion for art at a very young age. However, her father did not approve of it as a career. For a long time Augusta stopped sculpting because she did not have a lot of support or resources. Augusta Savage was inspired once again when a local potter gave her some clay. She created a sculpture that won a special prize in a county fair. She continued her passion and it paid off in the form of awards and the opportunity to study in Paris.

Savage’s work started to be more and more recognized. Savage made history as the first African American elected to the National Association of Women Painters and Sculptors and the first director of the Harlem Community Art Center. 

Not only is she remembered for her amazing artwork, but she was also an inspiration because of the light she shed on Black faces and her contribution as an art teacher. Savage will forever be remembered as one of the great artists of the Harlem Renaissance.

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