Debbie Allen & A Different World

Powerhouses in Entertainment

Debbie Allen was born on January 16th in Houston Texas. She isn’t the only celebrity in her family. She also has a sister who is a famous actress, Phylicia Rashad, who is known for her role as the wife Clair Huxtable on the Cosby Show.

She first became well known for her role in the movie Fame and then as a dance teacher on the show Fame. She even choreographed the dances on the show, which means she created the dance routines for the actors. She was also a producer and director on Grey’s Anatomy and A Different World
A Different World was a very popular show that was about a group of College students at a fictional  HBCU which was called “Hillman”. Allen was able to  improve the show because of her experience at an HBCU, Howard University. It was a show that changed television and helped show a new Black experience.

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