Brown Girl Jane Becomes First Black Woman-Owned Fine Perfume Available at Sephora


April 8, 2024

They’re making sure we all smell great this summer!

According to a recent article in Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), Black-owned fragrance brand Brown Girl Jane has achieved a major milestone with its official launch at Sephora. With this significant moment in beauty retail, Brown Girl Jane becomes the first Black woman-owned fine fragrance line to be sold on Sephora’s online platform.

This isn’t the only exciting news for Brown Girl Jane. They’ve also unveiled their newest fragrance, Carnivale Eau de Parfum, exclusively at Sephora. This vibrant scent, inspired by the celebratory spirit of Trinidad Carnival, joins three existing Brown Girl Jane fragrances – Dawn, Casablanca, and Lamu – all available for $102 each. Sephora will also be offering Brown Girl Jane’s Discovery Set for $30, allowing fragrance enthusiasts to sample a variety of the brand’s offerings.


“Coupling Sephora’s knowledge with our innovation and disruption is, I think, a recipe for success at retail,” Malaika Jones, co-founder of Brown Girl Jane, told WWD. This sentiment reflects Brown Girl Jane’s commitment to building partnerships that empower and uplift the Black community.

Founded in 2020, Brown Girl Jane has grown from its initial focus on CBD and sexual wellness products to become a leading force in the fragrance industry. In 2021, they collaborated with Firmenich, a renowned fragrance and perfume company, to launch their first “Wanderlust” fragrance collection. The brand has also expanded its retail presence beyond Sephora, offering select fragrances at Thirteen Lune, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.


Brown Girl Jane’s Carnivale Eau de Parfum is a blend of Caribbean mango, amber, golden pimento, and musk notes. This unique fragrance is designed to evoke the joy and liberation of Trinidad Carnival, a celebration that commemorates the emancipation of slavery in the Caribbean. “It’s the best party in the Caribbean, in a bottle,” Hobson describes the new scent.

Co-founder Vanessa Benn added, “After I spray a fragrance I ask people ‘What do you feel?’ — with Carnivale, the words are exuberant, joyful, excited, festive and celebrated for yourself.”

Brown Girl Jane’s dedication to creating a space for underrepresented voices is truly inspiring. Their recent win at the 15 Percent Pledge Gala, where they secured a $100,000 cash prize and mentorship program, is a testament to their impact. Industry sources predict that Brown Girl Jane could reach sales between $5 million and $7 million this year, solidifying their position as a major player in the fragrance market.


We celebrate Brown Girl Jane’s achievements and their unwavering commitment to creating a brand that reflects the beauty and vibrancy of the Black diaspora. We are excited to see what the future holds for these brilliant Black founders!

Cover photo: The Founders of Brown Girl Jane, the First Black Woman-Owned Fine Perfume Available at Sephora / Credit: Essence

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