The Love is Mutual Between Cicely Tyson and Ava DuVernay


February 11, 2019

Photo:  Chelsea Lauren/Variety/REX

It’s always the right time to celebrate those who have paved the way for us. Cicely Tyson, recently graced the cover of TIME Magazine’s Optimists issue, thanks in part to Ava DuVernay who guest-edited the issue and advocated for the legend. And it looks like now, DuVernay has taken that love a step further by spreading the love on social media.  

Recently, in response to landing the TIME cover, Cicely Tyson revealed on Twitter that this opportunity was one that could only happen with DuVernay’s stamp of approval.


“I have been asked multiple times what it feels like to be on the cover of TIME. My humblest answer is, had u not been guest editor, I would probably never know,” she tweeted. “For that I am truly grateful and thankful that God put u in my life. I hope the cover inspires many more. #love”

DuVernay, who will honor another legend via Netflix, responded in a tweet, “I love you, Ms. Tyson. Thank you for all that you are, and for all that you continue to give us. This is the least of what you deserve, Your Majesty.” 


After presenting Tyson with her historic honorary Oscar in November 2018, the visionary filmmaker shared that Tyson has been a champion of hers since her first film, ‘I Will Follow.’ DuVernay wrote in a letter to the readers: “In the issue, we celebrate and suggest ways that one can find inspiration in our present moment through the work of artists who carve a path for us all. Whether a filmmaker or a photographer, an author or an actress, a poet or a painter, these pages are filled with people who use art as a weapon for dynamic optimism.” 

Tyson and DuVernay’s exchange is a powerful reminder that whenever we have the opportunity to uplift our history, we should take it. It makes us all greater.  


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