Wedding Themed Photo Shoot Celebrates the Renaissance of Black Love


December 17, 2023

Love is in the air!

A wedding-themed photo shoot is celebrating the renaissance of Black love. Washington D.C. wedding film photographer Tori Del and a Washington D.C. accessible wedding and event planner recently posted photos from a photoshoot titled “Fruits of the Future: Love’s Renaissance.” The two accounts shared the photos on Instagram.

“The wait is over! May I present a sample of the award-winning editorial-styled shoot for the Association of Wedding Professionals DC entitled, “Fruits of the Future: Love’s Renaissance,” the accounts shared in a joint post. “Renaissance signifying the birth/rebirth of ideas, love, possibilities. Whether in your “prime” or “twilight,” it’s never too late to love, be loved, to celebrate love and to play by your own rules and create new traditions.”


The caption continued, “Renaissance also refers to the one in 1920s Harlem. A time of artistic, social, political and societal change, flourishing. Like our verdant greenery, flowers and fruit full of beauty and promise. A time when proud Black people shared their talents, zest for life and hopes for the bright future ahead. Our venue, a Dupont Circle brownstone, was constructed during this time period. Its jewel tones and vintage furniture were key when selecting the color palette. Our models were selected for their love, sartorial identities and their contrast; modern, eccentric and refined, professorial. It’s WEB DuBois’ grandson and Josephine Baker’s granddaughter locked in a passionate embrace. The fruits symbolize that same promise and beauty, verdant, and equally engaging for all guests and all senses.”

The accounts explained that the shoot focused on showcasing the beauty and vibrant possibilities of accessibility and accommodations. They wrote, “This collaborative work of art and labor of love would not have been possible without our incredible team. Please see the comments stay tuned for more!”


There was nothing but love in the comments. One person wrote, “Wow! I instantly teared up! These photos say so much! What a beautiful shoot!” While another added, “These images are EVERYTHING!”

(Cover photo: “Fruits of the Future: Love’s Renaissance”/Photo Courtesy of Tori Del Photography)

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