11-Year-Old Boy From New York City Wrote Motivational Book “Me and My Afro” To Uplift Children During The Pandemic


December 22, 2020

Respect his crown!

Aiden M. Taylor, an 11-year-old boy from New York City, has written a motivational book during quarantine to raise other children’s spirits during the pandemic. Entitled “Me and My Afro,” Taylor worked with his mentor, Spencer Jaffe, to create the book.

“People need inspiration,” Aiden told ABC 11. “They’re probably feeling down. Because of the pandemic, kids can’t play outside. They have to wear masks, and that’s wack. So I decided to make a book about self-love, and that would get them energetic and feeling much better.”


Taylor and his mentor have been building their relationship for three years with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City mentoring organization. The tween from the Upper East Side said that his mentor” is the one who made me push to get to my goal to publish this book.”

Although he helped brainstorm, Jaffee said Aiden had full creative control. The two have built a strong bond over the years due to their similar personalities. Jaffee described Taylor as “inquisitive, shy but a little something underneath, something excited.”


“I thought he was exactly like me; he liked the same things I did, except the basketball team, he likes the Bucks, and I like the Golden State Warriors,” Aiden said.

“He is a really strong go-getter, and he works really hard to accomplish his goals. It’s honestly something I can learn a lot from,” Jaffe said.

The burgeoning author said he wants this book to help combat mental health issues that may crop up during this time and teach children to love their full selves.


“I want kids to love themselves and love the way they are, love their hair, and be a leader and not a follower,” Aiden said.

For more information on the book and how to purchase, go here!

We love your message, young scholar! Keep it going, Aiden!


Photo Credit: IMBD/Amazon

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