Artist Pheelz Recreates Song ‘Finesse’ for Young Fan with Autism


May 7, 2024

“Alexa, play Appy Pen!”

In February, LewisEmpire, a popular social media family, shared a video regarding their autistic daughter, Presley. Presley wanted to hear a specific song, but when she asked Alexa to play “Appy Pen,” the digital assistant couldn’t decipher her request.

LewisEmpire turned to their followers for help, sparking a month-long online hunt for the mysterious “Appy Pen” song. Fans flooded the comments section with suggestions, determined to find the melody that brought Presley joy.


Finally, after weeks of searching, LewisEmpire announced a breakthrough! The song Presley was searching for was none other than “Finesse” by Afrobeats artist Pheelz.

Now, the #AppyPen story has come full circle! The saga caught the attention of Pheelz himself! Touched by Presley’s love for his music, Pheelz recorded a special version of “Finesse” just for her.

This heartwarming story highlights the power of social media to connect people and the lengths a parent will go to for their child’s happiness. It also celebrates the generosity of an artist who took the time to create a special moment for a young fan.


Watch as Pheelz shares the new version of the song below!

@pheelzgood @LewisEmpire this is for you. Triibe love #Appypen #finesse #autismawareness #fyp ♬ original sound – Pheelz

Cover photo: Artist Pheelz Recreates Song ‘Finesse’ for Young Fan with Autism / Credit: Pheelz/Z!koko

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