Atlanta Man Who Cuts Lawns for Elderly and Disabled Honored by City for Community Service


by Veracity Savant

September 15, 2023

There are still great people in the world!

Jarvis Drake is a Buckhead Atlanta resident who decided he wanted to give back to the community any way he could, 11Alive News reports.

A SouthSide Atlanta native, Drake relocated to the Buckhead neighborhood as an adult and has developed quite an affinity for his neighbors. He discovered his passion in lawn care, not knowing it would be the thing that would spark a lasting legacy. 

“I always wanted to give back, but I just didn’t know how,” said Drake. 


That’s when he decided he would offer lawn care services for free to underserved areas in the neighborhood. Tending to the grass of elderly and disabled residents, Drake also extended his mission to neglected lots and sidewalks, beautifying the community one lawn at a time.

Now he’s being honored for his work, the city’s Department of Public Works, recently recognizing Drake for his outstanding community service. 

Drake says he’s humbled, crediting his girlfriend Diamond Owens for serving as his partner in the work. While rejuvenating these neglected areas are a labor of love, Drake says he would not be able to do it alone. 


“We’re best friends, and we’re partners. We’re in a relationship, and we work together, but we’re so much more than that, and I don’t think I’d want it any other way,” said Drake. 

The good samaritan currently has a YouTube page that has gained nearly 4,000 subscribers.

Drake also regularly shares content to social media. There he opens himself up to suggestions from the community about residents who may need lawn transformations and documents his work and good deeds. Drake hopes he can serve as an inspiration, encouraging others to do what they can to help someone else out. 


“Everybody always waits till they get money and give back,” said Drake. “I just wanted to find a different way. And I had a lawn care business, so I was like, why not try to get involved in the community?”

Photo by 11Alive News

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