Black Boy Joy: Watch Little Boy’s Priceless Reaction To His Big Brother’s Surprise Visit


March 16, 2017

There’s nothing quite like the bond between siblings. This week, 19-year-old Adam Davis proved that when he decided to fly from Dallas, Texas, where he attends Southern Methodist University, to Columbus, Ohio to surprise his 9-year-old brother Aaron. Adam shared the sweet moment on Twitter and it went on to capture the hearts of thousands, collecting over 44,000 likes and over 20,000 retweets. See what pure joy looks like below. 

Turns out, the two haven’t seen each other in months, as Adam was unable to make it home for Christmas. Therefore, Adam came up with the idea to surprise his little brother for the first time ever. Despite their age difference, Adam and Aaron have always been close; they even created a special handshake to greet one another (as seen in the video).  

Adam shared: “We love LeBron James, and he does handshakes with every player, so Aaron asked me one day if we could have one, and I think we practiced it all morning.”


Looks like you two have it down pat! Press play and watch the video again because there’s no such thing as seeing too much Black boy joy. 

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