Here’s How These Black Moms Make Valentine’s Day Special for Their Kids


February 14, 2024

These moms love-to-love their babies.

In the heart of the nation’s capital, District Motherhued stands as a beacon of support and community for millennial mothers of color in DC, MD, and VA, along with nationwide supporters. Founded in August 2016 by Nikki Osei-Barrett and Simona Noce Wright, this 501(c)3 organization has quickly become a vital resource for mothers seeking representation, friendship, and a supportive community.

L to R: District Motherhued co-founders, Nikki Osei-Barrett and Simona Noce Wright

With an outstanding journey from 25 to 45K members, District Motherhued has hosted over 75 sold-out events and workshops. Notable among them are The Mom Loft and The Momference – the nation’s first large-scale conference dedicated to millennial moms of color. Additionally, Mommy en Blanc has become the must-do all-white “mommy and me” pop-up picnic.


As Valentine’s Day approaches, we tapped into the experiences of five Black mothers from District Motherhued to discover how they make this special day memorable for their children.

Creating Memorable Staycations

Photo courtesy of Latisha Roberson

Latisha and her daughter Sydney (9) celebrate Valentine’s Day with a unique twist – a staycation. Opting for a local hotel with a pool, their favorite being the Ritz Carlton, they spend quality time together, order room service for dinner, and attend afternoon tea. Latisha emphasizes “It’s important for me to show her how to love, celebrate and treat yourself.”


Valentine’s Themed Breakfasts

Photo courtesy of Shaneece Gaines

Shaneece and her son Devan (11) kickstart Valentine’s Day with a special themed breakfast before school. Whether it’s a donut tower adorned with pink sprinkles or strawberry waffles with whipped cream, “I want him to know he always has love at home. I will always be his valentine,” Shaneece shared. In addition to their extra-special breakfast, she gifts Devan a card and candy.

Affirmations and New Traditions

Photo courtesy of Nicole Sellers

Nicole and her children explore the concept of love by reading books and discussing various ways to express platonic love in their world. This year, Nicole introduced a new tradition – sticking affirmations written on hearts on her oldest son’s bedroom door. Nicole recalls, “The lit up look on his face is priceless!”

Thoughtful Exchanges and Dinner Dates

Photo courtesy of Jessica Anthony

Jessica shared, “My daughter, Chloe (11), and I exchange thoughtful gifts first thing in the morning and tell each other what we love most about one another.” Beyond the gifts, they make it a point to have a mommy-daughter dinner date, ensuring they spend extra time together outside their normal weekly routine.


Love Notes and Quality Time

Photo courtesy of Jacquesline Bolaji

Jacquesline, a new mom to a 9-month-old son, is thoughtful about instilling the importance of love from an early age. “I want to show him love, how I want him to view and express love, and how it’s so important for Black boys to feel love,” she said. This Valentine’s Day, she has started writing her son little love notes for the week leading up to the occasion. Additionally, Jacquesline and her husband plan to demonstrate acts and expressions of love “to make sure he sees acts and expressions of love between his father and I, and has a date with us individually.”

As these mothers demonstrate, Valentine’s Day becomes an opportunity not only to celebrate romantic love but also to instill values of self-love, familial love, and the importance of expressing love in various ways.


Cover photo: Millennial mom, Latisha Roberson, and her daughter, Sydney. Photo courtesy of Latisha Roberson

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