DC Content Creator Sanai Graden Leverages TikTok to Raise $400k for Man Battling Prostate Cancer


February 6, 2024

She started something great!

In a heartwarming display of compassion and solidarity, the TikTok community has rallied behind Alonzo, a man experiencing homelessness and battling prostate cancer, after a chance encounter with DC-based creator Sanai Graden, known as @hustlanani on the platform.


Please help me help him !

♬ original sound – Nai

The story unfolded when Graden was documenting herself on a walk, and Alonzo approached her, asking for tea. Rather than simply fulfilling his request, Graden took the time to listen to Alonzo’s story. Moved by his plight, she learned about his battle with prostate cancer and was deeply touched by his resilience in the face of adversity.


Determined to make a difference, Graden sprang into action. She started a GoFundMe page for Alonzo, sharing his story with the TikTok community and urging them to lend their support. What followed was nothing short of remarkable.

@hustlanani Replying to @Katherine Rangel ♬ original sound – Nai

Inspired by Graden’s video and Alonzo’s story, TikTok users from all corners of the platform came together to offer words of encouragement, share resources, and, most importantly, donate to the cause. As of the latest update, the fundraising efforts have surpassed an incredible $400,000 through the power of collective action and the compassion of the TikTok community.

“TikTok is enjoyed by more than 170 million Americans to earn a living, express themselves, and find community. Every day, TikTok users join together for incredible causes, and this story is another example of the positive impact of the community and the ability to change lives through self-expression,” Shadi Nayyer, Head of Community, North America at TikTok shared with Because of Them We Can.


The kindness doesn’t stop there. With Alonzo’s immediate needs addressed, TikTok users have now turned their attention to Graden, recognizing her selfless act and desire to make a difference. In a happy turn of events, they’ve begun raising money to pay for her college tuition.

Cover Photo: Sanai Graden raises more than $400,000 for an unhoused man named Alonzo. / Credit: @hustlanani / TikTok

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