Watch This Groom Share Heartwarming Moment With Bride’s 7-Year-Old Son


February 8, 2024

Their bond is solid!

In a touching moment that has captured hearts online, Eldridge Buchanan made vows not just to his bride, Asia Green Buchanan, but also to her son, Kayden, during their wedding ceremony in October. The emotional exchange was captured on camera and shared on Instagram in January. The video clip of Buchanan’s impromptu vows to Kayden has since gone viral.

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“I want you to know, Kayden, that we’re going [to] have fun. We’re definitely going to do homework,” Buchanan begins in the clip. “But I want you to know that with everything in my body, Kayden, I’m going to pour into you to make sure that you grow up to be [the] young Black king that you are.”

Reflecting on the moment, Buchanan shared with Good Morning America that the decision to include vows for Kayden was made on the spot, driven by the desire to reinforce daily affirmations. “I just really wanted him to know in that special moment, not only was I going to give a vow to his mom, but I was giving a vow to him, as well, as my son,” Buchanan expressed.

The unexpected viral reaction to the video has left the couple pleasantly surprised. Buchanan emphasized the importance of men, particularly Black men, expressing their love and emotions openly, breaking stereotypes, and fostering healthy relationships with their children. “I think it’s very important for men in general, but especially Black men, to be able to vocalize their love to their kids,” he emphasized.

The heartwarming exchange between Buchanan and Kayden is a powerful reminder of the love and devotion found in blended families.

Cover Photo: Eldridge Buchanan shares a heartwarming moment with his 7-year-old stepson, Kayden / Credit: Instagram, A Love Experience


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