Ryan Coogler Meeting a Young ‘Black Panther’ Fan is the Epitome of Why Representation Matters


February 25, 2019

 Photo: Getty Images 

There’s no award that can compare to the impact that ‘Black Panther’ has made on the film industry and more importantly, on Black children. Case in point: Ryan Coogler’s priceless encounter with a young fan on an episode of Epix’s “Elvis Goes There.”

In it, the filmmaker meets a little girl dressed as the Princess of Wakanda while he’s talking to host Elvis Mitchell about his film ‘Creed’ at King’s Boxing Gym in his hometown of Oakland. When Coogler spotted mini Shuri, it’s clear that he was immediately touched as the little girl walked up to him and said “my favorite movie is Black Panther” and introduced herself as “Black Panther’s sister.” It instantly touched our hearts too. 


“That’s why I say you can’t worry about critics, you can’t worry about stuff people say, ’cause when you have moments like that, like that’s the core of it,” Oakland-based boxer Andre Ward said in the video. “That’s a baby, and you see the influence you have based on the hard work you put in. Like, that’s what matters. They need you. They’re depending on you. I don’t care what field you in there’s somebody watching you, being inspired by you.” 

That’s what matters: representation and impact. This is also another perfect example of why Wakanda will always be forever. 


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