Tabitha Brown Helps Black-Owned Apparel Brand Earn $23k In One Week


April 7, 2023

They’re calling it the Tabitha effect!

Tabitha Brown is a beloved influencer, using the platform she initially built to share vegan recipes as a vehicle for food seasonings, children’s shows, and a clothing line with Target. Despite all of her success, Tabitha still does her best to produce her original content that made followers fall in love in the first place, one of those being her weekly YouTube series with her husband entitled “Fridays with Tab and Chance.” 

Last month, Brown aired a new episode with husband chance, the two doing their regular weekly breakdown of inspiration and laughs, but it wasn’t the jokes or the education that caught viewer’s attention, it was the couple’s matching sweater set from Brand Avenue – a marriage lifestyle apparel brand, AfroTech reports.. 


This isn’t the first time that Brown has supported the brand, previously featuring them on her regular content series highlighting small businesses. But this time was different, and Brown’s stamp of approval caused the businesses sales to skyrocket overnight. 

Brand Avenue was launched in 2014 by creators Marc and Ima Carnelus. The couple said they struggled to keep sales up, recently struggling for six months before Brown’s posting. In fact, the week prior to the post, from March 3rd to March 9th, Brand Avenue had only made about $200. 

“We even considered shutting the business down altogether. This is our main source of income and it’s been super tough,” Marc shared via social media. 


“We have been praying in the midst of all that for a breakthrough, for a sign to keep going, a miracle. We’ve had people rallying around us, supporting us, praying for us, helping us financially because we still got bills to pay,” added Ima.  

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Well God came through because after that dismal week and Brown’s unexpected post in the apparel, the couple went from a meager $200 in sales to well over $23,000 in sales. 


“This is the Tabitha effect,” said Marc.

When Brown got wind of what happened, she too was ecstatic, emphasizing that moments like these are why she’s bringing her small business spotlight back. 

“I love this so much and it’s just another reason I can’t wait to bring back Very Good Mondays!!! So happy for you guys @brandaveclothing. Keep believing and keep trusting God, he got you!!!!,” wrote Brown. 



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Thank you for everything you do Auntie Tab! To purchase your Brand Avenue clothing apparel, click here.

Cover photo: Tabitha Brown helps Black-owned apparel brand earn $23k in one week/Photo Courtesy of @IAmTabithaBrown/Instagram/AfroTech

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