Tabitha Brown Pens Sweet Letter Paying Homage to ‘The Cosby Show’s’ Keshia Knight Pulliam 


March 21, 2024

We love to see the camaraderie!

Vegan influencer Tabitha Brown took to social media this week to pay homage to one of our beloved cultural legends, Keshia Knight Pulliam. A child star, Pulliam got her start in commercials before landing her breakout role as Rudy Huxtable, the youngest daughter on Bil Cosby’s hit sitcom “The Cosby Show.” 

According to Apple TV, Pulliam made history for her role in 1986, becoming the youngest person nominated for an Emmy in the award show’s history at just six years old. Her charm and wit made her America’s sweetheart, and Pulliam has continued to capture the hearts of fans during her four-decade career in Hollywood. 


Recently, Brown met up with Pulliam, taking to social media to share how the actress impacted her childhood and pay homage to all the ways she paved the way for the representation of little Black girls on television. 

“Last night I got to meet my childhood inspiration, before I even knew what inspiration meant! Last night I know my moma smiled from heaven to see me hug my childhood [TV] friend in my head,” Brown wrote. 

She vividly remembered a conversation she had with her mother as a child, watching the Cosby Show. During this time, she saw Keshia Knight Pulliam play Rudy, a moment that sparked her desire to become an actress. This early influence from Pulliam’s role is a testament to the power of representation in shaping young minds. 


“Dear Keshia, I said I love you so many times last night when I finally had the opportunity to meet you but I don’t know if you really understand how thankful I am for your life and journey! You were the first person I saw on [TV] that looked like me!! You are the reason I learned what it meant to be an actress! You mean more to me than you will ever know!!,” Brown continued. 

Pulliam eventually got wind of the heartwarming post, following up in the comments with some encouragement of her own, and the two made plans to connect again in the near future. 


“It was such a pleasure to meet you!! I have followed your journey. I am so proud of you & always rooting for your success. We have to keep showing little girls who look like us what’s possible. We have to keep being the magic so they know their own magic!! Sending you so much love. Let’s plan dinner soon,” wrote Pulliam. 

“Oh and honey I would love that!!,” responded Brown. 

We weren’t the only ones cutting onions at the exchange. Brown’s followers took to her comments to flood the two women with love, admiration, and, most importantly, appreciation for the work they are both doing. We love to see it, ladies!


Cover photo: Tabitha Brown Pens Sweet Letter Paying Homage to ‘The Cosby Show’s’ Keshia Knight Pulliam/Photo Credit: @IAmTabithaBrown/Instagram

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