This 10-Year-Old Couldn’t Hold Back The Tears After He Received A Gift That Just Kept Giving


January 4, 2023

Now we’re all crying!

This mother of two and TikTok user @jazzyb988 took to the app to share what she gifted her 10-year-old son, DJ.


He lost his grandmother in July and although handling a loss is never easy, mom gave him a gift that will ensure he’ll never forget her or the bond they shared.

DJ unwraps the gift to find a Build-A-Bear box that has a Black Panther teddy bear inside. He thought that was all it was until his mom told him to press the bear’s hand; it instantly became the best gift ever!


@jazzyb988 #blacktiktok #blackboyjoy #guardianangel #grandmotherlove #fypシ゚viral #fyp #christmas #emotional ♬ original sound – JazziPhae

Mom stuck a recording of one of grandma’s old voicemails in the bear. The sound of her voice was enough to make DJ cry. You can tell he misses his her so much by the reaction. The tears started to flow for mom as well so she cut the video early.


Bless this young man’s heart and family!

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