This Son Learned How to Braid His Mother’s Hair After She Told Him She Has Multiple Sclerosis


November 30, 2022

He’s his mother’s keeper!

TikTok user Ferris (@ferrisb1) posted a video braiding his mother’s hair and jokingly asking if anyone wanted their hair braided while he was in the mood. To his surprise, many viewers commented on this video praising Farris for not only his precise braiding skills but the loving relationship he has with his mother.

@ferrisb1 #Ferrisb1 #ferrisb1too #hair #motivation #mom ♬ original sound – Instagram: @GrowInvestEarn

“Okay, but am I the only one tearing up by this? This is so beautiful to me,” said one user in the comments, prompting Ferris to make a follow-up video telling his story. 

@ferrisb1 Replying to @natashasaurus3 #Ferrisb1 #foryou #ferrisb1too #hair ♬ Epic Emotional – AShamaluevMusic

In the video, he explained how his mom told him at eight years old that she was born with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and that one day her body will be unable to carry out everyday tasks, such as doing her hair. At a young age, he took it upon himself to ask his mom to teach him how to braid because he knew he wanted to always be there for her.

Now, he’s doing exactly that! By the end of the video, his mom’s hair was finished and she was beautiful as ever. This is a wonderful story and shows how strong his mother’s spirit is by the type of son she raised. 


We’re sending all the love your way, Ferris!

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