This Young Boy Dressing As His Uncle, The 1st Black U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, Won Halloween


November 2, 2020

Representation Matters!

This Halloween, even though the country is still dealing with the pandemic, families figured out ways to celebrate. We saw the usual pumpkins, mini-celebrities, and even lighthearted takes on the germs themselves, but this costume would have gotten the most oversized candy bars from us. Tiffany Earley’s son, DJ, decided to go as his Uncle Chuck, the first Black U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff in American history, for Halloween. She took to Facebook to share the adorable photos and explain how they came to this decision.


“For Halloween, most kids dress up as fictional characters from their favorite book, movie, or T.V. show. They spend the day pretending to possess superpowers, fight villains, and celebrating the accomplishment of conquering the “impossible” task that their costume gave them the power to do,” She wrote. “Well, this year, We decided to dress up as Influential members of the black community. It was only fitting that You, Gen. C.Q. Brown, our Uncle Chuck, and U.S. Air force Chief of Staff, be the one chosen to not only dress up as, but to inspire my kids as wells as others…”

As we previously reported, Brown replaced Gen. David L. Goldfein, who is retiring this year.


“I am truly honored and humbled by the nomination to serve as the Air Force’s 22nd Chief of Staff. If confirmed…I look forward to building upon the legacy of Gen. Dave and Dawn Goldfein and the many airpower giants before who have served our Air Force and our nation with such dedication,” Brown said in response to his nomination.


Uncle Chuck!! For Halloween, Most kids dress up as fictional characters from their favorite book, movie, or TV show….

Posted by Tiffany TeeTee Earley on Wednesday, October 28, 2020

“I explained to him that you may not possess the same superpowers as Spiderman, but that you serve a supernatural God, and In your very own way you’ve had to be as strong as the HULK, As brave as Batman, As smart as Ironman, and think as fast as Superman,” Earley wrote. “Uncle Chuck, you may not wear a cape every day, but you are our hero. You may not have to battle “the joker” every day, but we certainly know there have been many unspoken battles you’ve had to fight. So today, we celebrate your accomplishments. You are proof that my little black son can be what he desires to be with God, hard work, and perseverance.”


We know whatever you do, you’ve already made your Uncle Chuck and community proud!

Photo Credit: Tiffany Earley/Facebook


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