WATCH: These Military Moms Surprising Their Kids At School After Returning From Deployment Is The Best Thing Ever


August 9, 2017

On Monday, U.S. Air Force Master Sergeants Shania Porter and Bethany Anderson-Burrs made surprise visits to their children’s schools after getting home from their 7-month deployment overseas. 

Porter announced her return to her youngest son Blake, 4, on his first day of school by broadcasting her voice on the intercom at Primrose School of Palm Valley in Arizona. 


“Attention Pre-K 1”, Porter said. “I have a special announcement for a little boy that I flew so many miles to see and to tell him how much I love him.” 

Porter then made her way to her son’s classroom to reunite with him in person. 

After, Porter made one more stop to surprise her eldest son Bryce, 5, at Crown Charter School. Bryce, who was given a cell phone by his school principal to FaceTime with his mom, initially thought his mom was 3,000 miles away. But once he realized that she was right outside of his school, he ran out to give her a big hug. 


See the Porter brothers’ sweet reunion with their mother below. 

Meanwhile, in Colorado Springs, Eliana, Eve, and Kaleb Burrs went to school like any other normal day. Little did they know, their mother Bethany Anderson-Burrs had returned from her deployment to Qatar a whole month early. 


“I got off the plane and my husband said, ‘You’ve got some place to be,'” said Master Sgt. Anderson-Burrs. “So it was a surprise for me as well.”

Photo via: KKTV

Her husband, Robert Burrs, planned the surprise with School District 49 and the United States Air Force. 


“I came up with the idea because I wanted to recognize my wife because of all the service she does for our country,” said Robert Burrs.

Watch how third-grader Eliana reacts to her mom’s surprise visit to her school. 


Welcome home, Master Sgt. Porter and Master Sgt. Anderson- Burrs! Thank you for your service and sacrifice. 

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