Watch This Elder Give an Amazing Take as an On-The-Spot Basketball Analyst


April 4, 2024

Move on over, Stephen A. Smith!

Broadcast Boys is a popular NYC content creation platform that features regular hot takes from everyday people and celebrities discussing their sports history knowledge. The platform has featured everyone from Naomi Osaka to DJ Khaled. Most recently, host Soho Brody caught up with a woman by the name of Granny Smith. The seemingly unsuspecting elder donned in AKA attire turned out to be a phenomenal on-the-spot analyst. Giving her opinion on everyone from Bill Russell to Reggie Miller, Smith reveals she has season tickets to the Indiana Pacers game, explains who her favorite players are, and throws a little stray Allen Iverson’s way. 

Fans seem to be impressed with Grammy Smith’s knowledge, the Broadcast Boys dubbing her “the next great basketball analyst.” 


Watch the heartwarming intergenerational moment below, and let’s hope Grammy Smith is coming to an arena near us soon!

Cover photo: Watch This Elder Give an Amazing Take as an On-The-Spot Basketball Analyst/Photo Credit: @BasketballBoysHOH/Instagram


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