20 Classic Love Songs to Include on Your V-Day Playlist

This playlist is guaranteed to set the mood! Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and while you’re figuring out whether to attend another Galentine’s Day event with the crew, fight the crowds to be with your boo at your favorite dinner spot, or spend some time catering to yourself, a playlist is essential! There is […]

Three Black Couples Whose Love Stories Started With Their Celebrity Friends

Move over, Cupid! In the world of love, sometimes it takes a bit of matchmaking magic to bring two hearts together. Here, we celebrate the enchanting stories of three Black couples whose romantic journeys were set into motion by the subtle nudges of celebrity wing-women. Grant Hill and Tamia NBA legend Grant Hill and the […]

Wedding Themed Photo Shoot Celebrates the Renaissance of Black Love

Love is in the air! A wedding-themed photo shoot is celebrating the renaissance of Black love. Washington D.C. wedding film photographer Tori Del and a Washington D.C. accessible wedding and event planner recently posted photos from a photoshoot titled “Fruits of the Future: Love’s Renaissance.” The two accounts shared the photos on Instagram. “The wait […]

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