Solange Announces New Art Exhibit, ‘In Service to Whom’


January 12, 2024

She’s showcasing her multi-faceted artistry.

Renowned artist, musician, and cultural curator Solange Knowles has once again pushed the boundaries of creative expression with her latest endeavor, the immersive art exhibit titled “In Service to Whom.” The singer announced the exhibit via X, linking followers to the full announcement on the Saint Heron website. Combining music, design, visual art, and cultural preservation into a four-act performance, Solange invites audiences into an exploration of her artistic evolution and creative process.

“In Service to Whom” is a blend of sonic meditations, performance scenography, and digital-visual archive projections, seamlessly weaving together Solange‘s artistic spirit across various disciplines. With Solange leading a 10-piece ensemble, the exhibit showcases orchestral works composed between 2018 and 2023, drawing inspiration from elements like repetition, gospel vocal arrangements, minimalism, and the vibrant sounds of Black southern marching band music, a nod to her Houston roots.


The performance introduces two original works: “Not Necessarily In Arms Reach,” a duo tuba piece, and “If the Promise is Large,” a solo cello and double bass number, highlighting Solange’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Going beyond traditional concerts, each act uses everyday gestures to illuminate the expansiveness of Solange’s creative process, offering a rare glimpse into the grounding practices that define her artistry.

According to Uproxx, “Fans in the replies and comments on both posts have expressed anticipation and confusion about whether this work constitutes an impending release — like a new album, for instance.” Much like the mystery that often surrounds her sister‘s work, we will know everything we need to know in due time.

Cover Photo: Still from “In Service to Whom” / @SolangeKnowles on X

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