6 Amazing Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day If You’re Single


February 14, 2024

Happy Valentine’s Day, fam!

It’s the day for celebrating love, but if you’re single as a Pringle, don’t think for one second that you can’t have an amazing day! If you’re rolling solo this Valentine’s Day, we have a guide for having a great time and showing some love to the most important person in your life: Y.O.U. Whether you’re happily single, fresh out of a breakup, or just looking for something new to try, here are six ways you can celebrate this Valentine’s Day to make it a February 14th to remember.

Feed Your Soul


First things first, we are eating GOOD this Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself to breakfast in bed or, better yet, take yourself out to brunch with your tribe. The best way to start your day is with an amazing meal. Why not share it with amazing friends? Not in the mood for braving restaurants crowded with couples? Order your favorite meal to-go, or if you’re feeling up for it, fix up a decadent, candle-lit dinner for yourself. Don’t forget dessert! 

Get Out of the House

Aht aht! You are NOT spending the whole day laying in bed and binge-watching Netflix. Why not have a little staycation and lay up in the bed of a hotel suite, instead? If you’re feeling more outdoorsy, go on a hike or spread a big blanket in the park to sunbathe (vitamin D is a mood booster, by the way)! Be a tourist in your own city and explore the local Black-owned businesses or museums you pass but never stop to notice (it is Black History Month, after all). Try a new activity like pottery or painting, or take a dance or yoga class! You might just fall in love with a new hobby this Valentine’s Day. 


Manifestation Time

Valentine’s Day is an excellent time to do a little introspection and future planning. How are those new year’s resolutions going? Whip out that journal or create a vision board to manifest a life you will love. Book a tarot reading to see what’s in the cards for your next Valentine’s Day. Read a book that motivates you. And while you’re being creative, why not create a soundtrack for your day to really make yourself the main character in the movie of your life. Play music that makes you feel good, feel hype, and feel inspired!

Dress to Impress


Not getting a gift from a significant other this Valentine’s Day? Baby, you ARE the gift! Wrap yourself up in something that makes you look and feel amazing. It may motivate you to step out and show off! Maybe, even treat yourself to a little shopping spree. Splurge on a new outfit or a pair of sneakers that’ll have you stepping out in style. There’s no reason why you can’t buy yourself some flowers and chocolates, too, while you’re at it!

Have a Self Care Session

Nails done, hair done, everything did! This Valentine’s Day, is the perfect time to catch up on some self care. Book an appointment at the salon, treat yourself to a spa day and get a relaxing massage or facial. Not trying to break the bank? Run to CVS and grab some nail polish, mix up a homemade face mask in your kitchen, and give yourself the home beauty treatment you deserve. 


Spread the love!

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you need to spend Valentine’s Day alone. Gather with the gals and guys and share a drink to celebrate the love you share in your friendships. Spend some cuddle time with your favorite furry four-legged roommate. Volunteer at your local community center, library, retirement home, or shelter and give back to those who may need to feel a little extra love and care on this day. 

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day? What are you doing to make sure it’s a day full of love? Sound off in the comments!


Cover Photo: 6 Amazing Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day If You’re Single / Credit: Mat Hayward/Adobe Stock

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