A Reason Why We Should Vote

“For every piece of cotton she picked to make sure that I never had to. For every back door she had to enter, so I could enter through the front one day. For every outhouse she had to use when she was at work, when it was a bathroom on the inside of where she […]

Kevin Durant Surprises Young Boy With a Similar Story to His

This American Family Insurance commercial where Kevin Durant surprises an unsuspecting boy, reinforces the importance of paying it forward, faith and dreams. In it, 11-year-old James believes he is in LA to share how his single mother supports his dream of being a dancer and entertaining the world. What he doesn’t know is that his hometown […]

Chance the Rapper and his dad’s full circle moment

Love this! Chance the Rapper brought his father Ken Bennett (who was a deputy assistant to President Obama when he was an Illinois state senator) to the White House last night for the Obamas’ final state dinner.

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